422 Ellisville State School

Department of Mental Health
Ellisville School

Updated 05/16/18




422-155: Campus Roofing - PH I (WARRANTY)
(PP001) Robert Lewis/Architects
Contractor: (GC001) E Cornell Malone Corporation
Surety:  Fidelity & Deposit Company of America, Roman E. Galey, Post Office Box 1227, Baltimore, M.D. 21203   404-270-1967
Date of Completion: October 27, 2016

422-156: Energy Conservation Measures (WARRANTY)
Professional: (PP001) HESM&A, Inc.(a Mississippi Corporation) (Atlanta, Georgia, through the Office listed herein)
Contractor: (GC001) South Central Heating & Plumbing Co., Inc.
Surety: The Hanover Insurance Company, Peggy L. Jackson, 440 Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA 01653  508-853-7200
Date of Completion: May 07, 2017

422-157: Wastewater Lagoon Upgrades (CONSTRUCTION)
Professional: (PP001) Chas N. Clark, Associates, LTD
Contractor:(GC001) T. L. Wallace Construction, Inc.
Surety: Arch Insurance Company, Dewey E. Brashier, Haborside 3,  210 Hudson Street, Suite 300,  Jersey City, NJ 07311-1107 228-374-2000
Projected Completion Date: February 07, 2018

422-157: Wastewater Lagoon Upgrades (CONSTRUCTION)
Professional:  (PP002) Chas N. Clark, Associates, LTD
Contractor:(GC002) Greenbriar Digging Service Limited Partnership 
Surety: Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance, Inc., Trina Cobb, P.O. Box 1490, Jackson, MS  39215-1490, 601-960-8237
Projected Completion Date: March 14, 2018


For information on any of these projects, please contact the Professional listed above.  Surety information is provided for projects under construction.