421 Boswell Regional Center

Department of Mental Health
Boswell Regional Center

Updated 11/20/18



421-082:   Emergency Repairs (WARRANTY)
Eley Guild Hardy Architects, P.A.
Contractor: J & H Construction, Inc.
Surety: Brody Eric Buckley, The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, 9450 Deward Road, Fairfield, OH 45014
Projected Completion Date: November 18, 2009

421-082:   Emergency Repairs (CONSTRUCTION)
Eley Guild Hardy Architects, P.A.
Contractor: Chris Albritton Construction Company, Inc.
Surety: Brody Eric Buckley, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, PO Box 1490, Jackson, MS 39215
Projected Completion Date: June 24, 2011

421-082:  F&E: Emergency Repairs (CONSTRUCTION)
Eley Guild Hardy Architects, P.A
Contractor: (FE)Multiple

421-084:   Dexter Hall Renovation (WARRANTY)
  Belinda Stewart Architects, P.A.
Contractor: Scarborough Construction, LLC
Surety: Mr. Brody Eric Buckley, Botrell Insurance, Post Office Box 1490, Jackson, Mississippi 39215-1490, 601-960-8200
Date of Completion: April 29, 2012

421-086:   Therapeutic Program Building (PLANNING)
Eley Guild Hardy Architects, P.A.
Projected Completion Date:

421-092: Building 67 Improvements (WARRANTY)
(PP001) Carl Freiler Nobles, Architect
Contractor: (GC001) Sullivan Enterprises, Inc.
Surety: Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America, Kathleen Scarborough, One Tower Square, Hartford, CT  06183  860-277-0111
Date of Completion: April 4, 2017

421-093:  Campus Roofing - PH I (CONSTRUCTION)
(PP001) Carl Freiler Nobles Architect
Contractor: (GC001) Jay - Van Company
Surety: Travelers Casualty & Surety Company of America, Southgroup Insurance Services, Glenn E. Galey, 106 Madison Plaza, Suite B, Hattiesburg, MS  39402, 601-544-2122
Projected Completion Date: February 20, 2019

421-094:  Building 7 Renovation (WARRANTY)
Professional:(PP001) Belinda Stewart Architects, PA
Contractor:  (GC001) Mayrant & Associates, LLC
Surety: North American Specialty Insurance Company, Brody Eric Buckley, 650 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03103  603-644-6600
Projected Completion Date: June 25, 2018

421-095: Building 56 Demolition (CONSTRUCTION)
(PP001) Robert Lewis/Architects
Contractor: (GC001) M and M Services, Incorporated 
Surety:  Fisher Brown Bottrell Ins. Co., Trina Cobb, P.O. Box 1490, Jackson, MS  39215-1490, 601-960-8237
Projected Completion Date:  October 30, 2018
421-096: Wastewater Treatment Upgrades (PLANNING)

Surety:  Projected Completion Date: 




For information on any of these projects, please contact the Professional listed above.  Surety information is provided for projects under construction.