Quotes or Bids - Institution / Agency Information (and other Public Entities)

Institution / Agency Information: 

(and information for Professionals for quotes under $50,000.00 or emergencies)

(and information for other Public Entities

QUOTES:  (includes most laws for bid/quotes)

Bid/Quote Proposal Checklist updated 05/12/17 and 01/01/18 for electronic bidding for Institution/Agency bids of any amount, or quotes to $50,000.00, (and A/E's for quotes) THIS INCLUDES ALL LAWS PERTAINING TO "PUBLIC" BIDS or QUOTES.  This Checklist would affect "other" Public Entities - however, some may not apply if you are not a State Institution/Agency.  (i.e. #2 - A City will not need to get the professional contract approved by BoB)

Request for Quote/Quotation for "emergency declared project quotes or quotes $50,000.00 and under" (which should also be posted on the BoB "bid opportunity" link)  PLEASE GET THE CHECKLIST TO FOLLOW FOR QUOTES

Quote - fillable  (refer, also, to checklist) (Sealed quote)

Construction Proposal/Quote Contract Draft

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