Budget and Fund Management

The Office of Budget and Fund Management (OBFM) is responsible for the implementation, execution, and control of the state budget as promulgated by the legislature through the appropriation process. OBFM functions as the Governor’s Budget Office and develops and prepares the annual executive budget recommendation for presentation to the legislature; OBFM compiles various fiscal and operational analyses of state agencies, programs, and legislation.


Staff Directory

Name Phone Email
Priscilla Ware
(601) 359-2872 Priscilla.Ware@dfa.ms.gov
Allan Cooper (601) 359-6726 Allan.Cooper@dfa.ms.gov
Sherry Norwood (601) 359-2018 Sherry.Norwood@dfa.ms.gov
Pam Davis (601) 359-2450 Pam.Davis@dfa.ms.gov
Audrey Galloway
(601) 359-2011 Audrey.Galloway@dfa.ms.gov
Joshua Tillman
(601) 359-5054 Joshua.Tillman@dfa.ms.gov


Misc. Budget Forms and Instructions Website
Online Budget Request System - MS Legislative Budget Office
DFA-OBFM forms for Escalations, Transfers, Returns, & Carryovers
Form OPRS-152 in Excel
Budget Overview and Instructions for Completion of Budget Forms


Annual State Appropriation Budget Bulletins


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